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Single kurti wholesale at Kurti Fashion

Inventory loss is the biggest concern for online retailers. They are hesitant to invest a large sum of money in the inventory at the beginning of their retailer business. Here at, we have brought to you an excellent opportunity to minimize the inventory loss risk if you are planning to sell kurtis, salwar suits and tunics online. You can join our single kurti wholesale program which allows to order for single kurtis at wholesale prices.

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What is Single Kurti Wholesale at Kurti Fashion?

When you approach a manufacturer or wholesaler for stock, most of them would require you to buy kurtis in bulk quality. There is usually minimum order quantity. Besides, you need to buy all colour variants and all sizes of a bundle. They don’t break the bundle.  

Kurtis, salwar suits etc. are types of garments which come in different size and colour variants. The same design is available in so many sizes and colours that it may not be practical for you to meet the requirement of minimum order quantity.

Here at Kurti Fashion, we provide online retailers the opportunity to buy kurtis on order basis. It means that you can order for single kurtis at wholesale prices without worrying about investment in stock.

The disclaimer is that since we run the inventory risk on your behalf, we will charge a slightly higher price for single kurtis. For let’s say, a kurti-palazzo set is priced Rs 500 when you buy in bulk. You will get it for Rs 550 if you buy single items. So, you will pay Rs 50 more. It’s just a rough idea of the price difference.

Things to consider for single kurti wholesale

  • We don’t provide COD for single kurti wholesale
  • Return or exchange happens only if you receive a dress with defect. An opening video is mandatory to prove your claim that you received a dress with defect.
  • You will need to pay to-and-fro shipping charge in cases of return or exchange.

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