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Reseller Program: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to our reseller program. We sincerely hope to work with you and help you grow your reseller business online. Here are some of the most common questions that our resellers ask when they register for our reseller program for the first time:

How does reseller program work?

It’s quite simple. We will share updates on WhatsApp on a regular basis. You can forward these products to your customers after adding your margin. Once you receive the payment from your customer and we from you, we can ship directly to your customers with your name on the shipping label or to your own address.  

Why do I have to save your mobile number?

We send the latest design updates via WhatsApp broadcast. WhatsApp broadcast works differently from a WhatsApp Group. In a broadcast, resellers can not see each-other’s numbers.

According to WhatsApp, if you have not saved a number, you will not receive broadcast updates from that number.

A lot of our resellers complain that they are not receiving any updates despite registering for the reseller program. The most common reason is that they have not saved the number. So even if we have added them to our broadcast list, they will not receive the updates. So you need to save our number for receiving updates of latest designs at wholesale prices.

How often do you update new designs via WhatsApp broadcast?

We don’t bombard you with multiple new designs every day. You will get one or two updates a day – sometimes one update in two days. We try to keep our inventory low-volume, but very high quality.

I no longer wants to receive updates. What should I do?

Well, if you wish to stop receiving our WhatsApp updates for any reason, you just need to send ‘STOP’. We will remove you from our broadcast list.

How can I see your whole kurti catalogue?

Visit Most of our available designs are listed there. Though the prices indicated on the website are for regular customers. You will get discounted prices as a reseller. It’s not possible for us to share our entire catalogue on WhatsApp as soon as you register as a reseller. We update new and old designs which are available in stock in good quantity once or twice a day.

Which payment methods are available?

Paytm, direct bank transfer. If you use GPay, you can add our bank account details to pay via Gpay. We prefer to be paid directly to our bank account. You can add us as a Payee if you use netbanking. Always share payment screenshot after making the payment.

How to place an order on WhatsApp?

As we receive a large number of orders on a daily basis, we request you to keep things streamlined. Don’t just forward the address in multiple lines to us on WhatsApp. Most customers do this, but it’s your duty to provide us both the addresses – To (customer’s address) and From (sender’s address if you want us to ship directly to your customer) in a single WhatsApp message. We will just copy and paste this message, so if there are any mistakes or typos, we won’t be responsible for it. Here are a few things which should be there in the address details:

  • Customer name (full name)
  • Full address (with landmarks)
  • If customer has not provided house number, insist on it. If she still doesn’t provide, ask her if she has received parcels from courier agencies in the past without the house number. House number is not mandatory, but customers sometimes just ignore this.
  • Pin code
  • Customer’s mobile number
  • Sender’s name and mobile number

Here is a screenshot of a Whatsapp message with correct address details.

Right before or after the address details, there should be two more things:

  • Image of the product (Don’t tag it as a reply. Share the full image of the product)
  • Size of the product (for example whether it is M or XL)
  • Payment screenshot

If you place orders frequently, you can also create an order group and use it for order processing with Kurti Fashion.

Should I check availability before confirming an order from my customer?

Yes, you should. Items go out of stock all the time. So, it’s a good practice to check availability in a particular size before receiving payment from the customer.

We are available most of the time during working hours and even after that and respond within a few minutes. So you will get a live update whether a particular dress is still available in stock or not.

We usually notify our resellers via WhatsApp broadcast when a product goes out of stock.

How does shipping label look like for resellers?

If you want us to ship directly to your customer (drop-shipping), the shipping label will have the address of the customer with his or her mobile number on the left side. On the right side, there will be your name.  There will be no mention of Kurti Fashion on the shipping label. Here is an image of a real shipping label.

Do you mention price on the shipping label?

If the area is serviceable by Xpressbees, no need to mention price. But for other couriers such as Delhivery, Bluedart, DTDC and FedEx, you need to tell us the price you are selling the product for to the customer. We will mention the same price. Keep in mind that shipping labels are computer generated, so we don’t control this.

Do you directly contact the customer?

Never! We never contact your customers directly.

Is COD available for resellers?

No!  The reason is that we sell at a very low margin to resellers. We provide COD to regular customers only.

What about exchanges or returns?

Our products are very high quality (at least, this is what we believe) and we strive to get repeat orders from you. So we will try to keep you and your customers happy and satisfied with the quality of our products. We understand that if your business grows, our business will also grow. For this reason, we try to ensure that you receive only good quality products with no defects.

Return or exchange is possible, but we have some conditions when selling at reseller prices (because we already sell them at a very low margin). If your customer received the product with some defect, you or your customer needs to make a clear ‘opening video’ showing the defect on receiving the product. Any break in the video will make this return or exchange offer void. The idea behind this is that we should be able to see clearly there was some defect in the product. The product will be shipped back to us by you or your customer. Only then we will be able to issue a refund.

If your customer wants to return the product due to size or any other issue, you or the customer has to ship the product to us for return or exchange. We will deduct the shipping charges incurred by us when issuing a refund in this case. For this reason, it is advisable that you ask your customer to confirm size before placing an order.

Returns are too hassling for you, your customers as well as us, so try to avoid them as much as possible. We believe that you and we are business partners both in rewards as well as losses. Like us, you are also running a business, so treat this like one.

How many days does shipping take?

We process your order within 24-48 hours (working days) after receiving the payment and we provide you with the tracking ID. We ship via Delhivery, Bluedart and Xpressbees most of the time depending on the pin code area. These courier agencies usually take 4-10 working days to deliver the order; however, exceptional circumstances such as lockdowns, curfews, weather conditions and elections can cause further delays. Please be advised that we consider our job done once we have shared the tracking.

You will need to keep track of the order and coordinate with the courier agency in case of a delay. However, we will definitely help you with the process as our time or resources allow. We don’t provide refunds for delays. We refund only if the product is returned to us due to non-delivery which is called Return to Origin (RTO). Courier agencies normally make three delivery attempts and if the address is bad or the customer is non-responsive, the parcel is returned to us. When we will issue refund in this situation, we will deduct the shipping charge to-and-fro (both sides). For this reason it’s very important that you double check the customer’s address. It happens rarely, but still you need to make sure that the address is correct. Advise your customer that if the product was returned due to bad address, you will also deduct shipping charges from the refund.

What’s your location?

We are a Jaipur-based business.

Can I call you anytime?

Please understand that it may be difficult for us to respond to calls around the clock. Make a call only in exceptional circumstances. We are quite responsive, but we prefer to answer questions via WhatsApp chat only.

Limit your conversation to product-related questions only.

How do I know if you sell good quality products?

Well, your concern is justified. There are so many vendors who don’t follow the highest standards of professional ethics. In order to check the quality of our products, you can order the first item for yourself or a relative. It’s a good way to get an idea of the quality before promoting our products to your customers. As we mentioned earlier, our objective is to get repeat orders from you, so we are very particular about product quality. We are confident that we will win your trust over time.

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