Kurti and salwar suits dropshipping program

Looking to make some money on the side from home? You should definitely consider joining our ‘Kurti dropshipping program’. An excellent way to launch an online women clothing business, the dropshipping programs allows you to grow your business online without having to worry about shipping, product sourcing, capital investment and other cumbersome formalities. In this guide, we will explain what kurti dropshipping is, how it works and how you can join this program.

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What is kurti dropship?

If you want to sell women clothing apparel such as kurtis and salwar suits, there are a lot of steps involved. First, you need to arrange for investment capital to source product and then you need to find kurti manufacturer and suppliers to get kurtis and salwar suits at the best prices. Most kurti manufacturers will not work with beginners as they have minimum order quantity requirements. Once you have found kurti manufacturers and suppliers, you will need to partner with courier agencies, set up your proprietorship firm and ensure a fast and timely delivery to the customers.

In our kurti dropship program, you don’t need to waste time and money on any of these steps.

  • You don’t need any investment capital to source product
  • You don’t need to find manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers
  • You don’t need to partner with courier agencies
  • You don’t need to worry about shipping and delivery

The only thing you need to focus on is to find customers. We will take care of shipping and delivery. You don’t need to invest any money

How to join the program?

We’ve made it extremely easy for you to join our program. All you need to do is register yourself as a kurti dropshipper by clicking the WhatsApp button below (If you are on a mobile device). If you are using a computer, save +917742288256 and send a WhatsApp message to us requesting to join the program.

How does kurti and salwar suits drop ship program work?

We are a kurti manufacturer and wholesaler. We will update you with the latest kurti and salwar suits designs on WhatsApp on a daily basis. You can share these designs with people in your network. You can start with friends and relatives and grow your network from there. Don’t forget to add your margin. Once you receive an order, you make the payment to us and we will take care of shipping, delivery and product sourcing. Your name will be mentioned on the delivery parcel. We don’t disclose that we, not you, delivered the product. You keep the margin.

Click the WhatsApp button below to join our program:

Benefits of the program

  • You get high quality products at wholesale prices
  • No minimum order quantity requirement. Some of our drop shippers started with just one product a month and are now selling hundreds of products a month.
  • Fast delivery to your customers via most trusted courier agencies
  • Free training how to grow your drop shipping business online.

Things to consider

  • Since we provide kurtis and salwar suits at wholesale rates, we won’t be able to provide COD.
  • If you are just getting started with drop shipping business, make sure that you sell only good quality products. Since you will start with your family members and relatives, it is important that they are satisfied with the product quality. They will recommend your product to people in their network only if you sell good quality products. Be assured that we only make very high-quality product. If you want to check the quality of our products, you can order a couple of kurtis and salwar suits for yourself. We are heavily invested in the success of our drop shippers.

Our latest products

You can check out our latest designs by visiting our shop page. The price indicated there are for regular customers. You will get products at discounted rates.

Below are some of the latest products from our inventory (the prices indicated below are for regular customers. You will get discounted prices as a dropshipper):

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